Vitamin Injection 
Treatment prices

Vitamin B12 Injections from £59
Vitamin B Complex + Vitamin C from £75

Please note: The prices quoted here are for standard amounts of product used. You might require more product to achieve your desired effect, therefore the price might increase. The consultant will give you a detailed price before offering the treatment.

What are vitamin injections?

We offer a range of pharmaceutical grade vitamin injections. The injections contain a high concentration of certain vitamins that are injected in to your muscle so that more of the vitamins get absorbed. 

Vitamin B and C injections can help to reduce fatigue and increase vitality and energy, while increasing cell regeneration and reducing the signs of ageing.

The injections only take a few minutes to administer and you can get back to your day immediately afterwards

Are the effects immediate?

Many people who have vitamin injections report feeling good immediately after the injection. 

Does it hurt?

The injections are administered in to the gluteal (buttock) muscle and can be uncomfortable. Sometimes there can be a little bruising and soreness at the injection site afterwards.

How long does it last?

Our clinician will do a thorough consultation with you first to determine your requirements, and will recommend a suitable concentration of vitamins. Most people have an injection every 1 to 3 months.

Who can carry out the treatments?

Only health professionals should carry out these procedures - pharmacists, nurses, doctors and dentists. Do not go to anyone who is not medically qualified

What are the risks?

As with any treatment there are risk of side effects and interactions. We will ensure these are minimised or eliminated by undertaking a thorough consultation prior to the treatment, so that the right concentration of vitamins are injected.


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